Sunday, November 20, 2005

impaktong impacted wisdom tooth

i learned back in college that all my 4 wisdom teeth were impacted. and because of my morbid fear of dentists, i've had only one impacted wisdom tooth removed. the process was long and torturous. all throughout the surgery, the dentist's assistants were going, "wow! ang konti ng dugo!" (wow! there's soooo little blood.) i left the dentist's chair with bloody nail marks on my fists, caused by my own nails.

the ice cream part was the only step in the whole process that i enjoyed, though just a wee tiny bit. the anesthesia had subsided by then and my gums pounded with pain - with such intensity that i wanted to bang my head on a wall just to distract me from the pain.

well, i'm having problems now with another impakto impacted wisdom tooth. i've been planning for years to have it extracted. but i kept putting it off - coz i just didnt have the time and the courage. when i had my root canal - another very memorable nail marks-inducing encounter with my dentist - my dentist advised me to have the wisdom tooth removed asap. the bone on which it stands was slowly thinning out bec the wisdom tooth kept sliding down further and bumping into the next tooth. well, now would be a good time because the impakto impacted wisdom tooth wont last long. as in 2 tiny pieces have broken off the impakto impacted wisdom tooth already. and i'm afraid that if the tooth continues to break off into tiny pieces, i'd be left with a gaping hole in my gums. yuck! and ow!

now, if i could only gather up enough courage to bring myself to the dentist...