Sunday, October 23, 2005

our jologs names

high school was a crazy and fun time that i always want to reminisce about. when i sent karlo advanced greetings for his birthday a few days ago, i used his jologs name - rhommel bhembhot.

here's the rest of the list: (though i cant remember all)

winnie - josiedhethe
paolo - omhar jhun bhoie
trixie - she thinks it's luningning but i doubt it
diday - lilybhelle (i think) but annette believes it's lulubhelle
annette - perla (at least, that's what she remembers)
me - mercidethe
elsa - bhabhylhot
liberty - can't remember
karlo - rhommhel bhembhot
april - can't remember

if you notice, the general rule is, the more H, the better. hahaha!