Friday, October 07, 2005

initial d the movie

got home from work past 1am today (it's now almost 12mn, friday, oct 7, 2005). i was soooo tired and sleepy, my back and legs were sooo painful from standing up all day and from the stress of my coverage. but i had to forego sleep because my brother-in-law brought home, not a copy of the initial d anime, but a copy of initial d the movie!

my husband had watched about 90 minutes of the dvd already but i forced him to play it from the start. gosh! didn't know i'd be this addicted to initial d. and seeing how good-looking ryosuke was, i knew staying up for about 2 more hours was worth it.

takumi's dad in the anime was a chain-smoking former race car driver who sold tofu. in the movie, he was a DRUNK chain-smoking former race car driver who sold tofu.

the stunts were amazing - cars drifting as they rounded the hairpins, gutter runs (driving over open gutters without letting your tires fall in the crack), takumi racing down mount akina in 4 1/2 minutes (!!!) with a glass filled with something and not spilling a single drop, heel-toes...

oh well... i know i could never master those techniques. for one, i'm a clutch driver. and this irritates my husband so much because he had racing cluthes installed in my car. they thin out months before they're supposed to. and those things cost so much more than the normal ones. gutter runs could be valuable esp for those of us who drive in pothole-riddled metro manila but i could not grasp the concept of transferring the weight of the car to just one rear wheel. and i dont drive with my seatback upright, my body close to the steering wheel, like racers do. i like it laid back, far enough for my arms to stretch. i however keep my right hand on the stick shift all the time, like racers do - for faster reaction time. and i drive barefoot, like takumi's dad - who was dubbed "the racing god of akina" during his racing days.

o well... guess i'll just have to content myself just watching others do it and hope that when my daughters are old enough, one of them would be interested in enrolling in racing school (we think that would be gabby) and the other would be the expert tuning up the race cars (and that would be alex).