Saturday, July 09, 2005

waiting in vain

official duty started at 7am today. off to pope pius catholic center. cbcp plenary meeting. goal: to come out with a unified stand on the political crisis.

bishops enter frame. smiling. laughing. sharing stories. hmm... good mood? must have unified stand already. bishops break for lunch.

sun up. humid. clock ticks. dark clouds foreboding. gates remain closed. pace the sidewalk. rain falls. wet. wet. wet. guard refuses to open gate. will ask permission first from bishops. DUH! "pasilong na po, please. sisilong lang. lakas na ng ulan. basa na kami! sige na po. maiintindihan yan ng mga bishop. ayaw ni Lord na mabasa kami." guard hesistates. vehicle arrives. guard opens gate. reporters sneak to guardhouse.

clock ticks. rain stops. bishops still on lunch break. reporters/crew have marlboros and biogesic for lunch. cant leave. waiting for cbcp statement. still.

clock ticks. ticking seems louder this time. caterers pack up. plates used by bishops already washed clean. reporters/crew turning pale from extreme hunger.

light wind blows. smell of urine permeates air. must do live report. cant throw up. cant throw up. ignore the smell. and the baby flies everywhere. yargh!

try to get info from some bishops. some answer phone. give vague answers. some no reply.

advisory: bishops to hold presscon in cbcp office. HUWAT?! reporters/crew leave pope pius. off to cbcp office.

waiting. waiting. finally, food. lunch at 4pm.

phone call from cbcp pres archbishop fernando capalla. still no stand. gosh!

waiting. waiting. read ricky lo on kris aquino's karibals with james yap. headache more intense now. wonder why?

phone call again from bishop capalla. sets deadline. if no statement by 530pm, tomorrow na lang. a louder HUWAT?!

cant understand why no unified stand. catholic church clearly divided on issue. how many for the president? how many for change? how many refuse to take stand? dunno. cant be sure. like the future of our country. cant be sure.


Anonymous said...

matanong ko lang kung yun mamarapatin(ang lalim ba?)narinig mo na ba parehas ang tape1 altered tape2 original?may basehan ba o wala na magresign si GMA?nagtataka kasi ako sa simbahan natin e yung kay Estada di naman natapos ang hearing sa impeachment trial dahil sa "lapse of judgement" din ng mga ally ni Erap na ayaw pabuksan ang 2nd envelop ayun nagtapos siya bilang kunswelo kahit konti at least he was not accuse of stealing People's vote mas lesser evil kung baga.Pero si GMA does she really deserve it to be a Leader?Kung minsan me double standard kung sino ang dapat paboran lalo na kung may "Name" ka sa soceity pero kung ikaw ay isang ordinaryong tao baka ni hindi ka pag ukulan ng pansin kahit mas may laman ang opinyon mo!

anyways,your hardwork and patience will not go unnotice!Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

tsk tsk. ginagapang siguro ng malacanang ang mga bishop.

gari said...

makagapang naman...hindi naman siguro. convservative positioning lang naman ang simbahan ata. halata namang si archbishop rosales don't really intend to be political interventionist.