Friday, July 22, 2005

money and the impeachment

the admin and oppo congs are at it again - trading accusations over the impeachment issue. this time, the issue involves money.

last night, kara kaakit-akit david was able to interview an admin cong who accused the oppo of bribing congs so they'd be able to muster the needed 79 signatures to refer the impeachment complaint against the president to the senate impeachment court. today, a member of the majority coalition came out to say he'd been offered bribes by his "close friends" in the coalition. 1 or 2 who "advised him to be practical" came from "sa ilog pasig. malapit sa ilog pasig," he said. no names were mentioned, just a threat from ave partylist rep amang magsaysay that he'll divulge the names once they - those who had talked to him and made the offers - criticize him in public.

so how much was the offer? rep magsaysay says the caller offered to give him P200,000 cash as downpayment and another P300,000 in the course of the impeachment proceedings. if you factor in the projects that came with the offer, magsaysay said it would amount to P5M.

earlier, sen ping lacson delivered his TSONA - true state of the nation address - where he disclosed that some congs were offered P12M to P15M. the money, lacson said, would be sourced from the road user's tax.

pms chief rigoberto tiglao, when asked about this issue, replied, "pls don't use this forum to amplify propaganda."