Monday, May 30, 2005

suba, suba. bakit ka nagpapahika?

i've been nicotine-free since friday last week when what i had feared would happen, happened. my asthma attack! i woke up early that day because i had an early call time. i even prepared for my story the night before, trying to look for case studies i can interview for friday. i thought hard about the story - toying with various angles, thinking of transitions, visualizing the video in my tired mind - esp after my talk with ma'am jess (jessica soho) thursday night.
anywayzzzz, i tried getting out of bed. i even poked my head out of the bedroom to ask the yaya to bring me hot water for my bath (oo na, third world ang banyo ko. walang heater.) but when i stood up to go to the bathroom, everything turned black, i became soooo dizzy i thought i'd puke. so i went back to bed. and since i couldn't breathe, i asked labster to call the office.
the rest did me good, however. i was able to join our team building seminar in clark over the weekend.
i feel even better now. but still haven't taken a single puff. i'm not quitting. duh! just enjoying the feeling of being nicotine-free and proving, not just to myself but to all my smoker friends, that i can control my habit, when and if i wanted to.


Anonymous said...


madali talagang mag-quit (temporarily)after an asthma attack! ako din i stopped after easter, then i started again last week!

kelan mo 'ko pupuntahan dito?

fried-neurons said...

...and here comes the self-righteous ex-smoker to pontificate...

Mag-quit ka na! Ituloy-tuloy mo na! Smoking is bad! Food tastes better if you don't smoke.

This is my "take 3" of being a non-smoker. Teka... gano katagal na ba this time around... almost 1 year!

tinapa said...

dati, 3 1/2 yrs kaya ako nag-stop. tsaka, wa naman ako sinasabing magsa-stop ako. haller!!! hehe!!!