Wednesday, May 25, 2005

another song for jtm

It's quarter to three in the mornin'
All I do is stare at the ceiling
Night after night I wonder what I've done
But what's left for me to do ?

And lately I catch myself dreaming
Can no longer pretend what I'm feeling
And even if it's hard to understand
I just end up all alone

Why can't I take you off my mind ?
you mean ev'rything to me
Ever since you said goodbye
My world has ceased to be
A place where I can find myself ever since

It's crazy, so tired of pretending
Sometimes I wish I'd run out of feelings
I close my eyes and wonder where you are
I wake up and find you gone

A place where I can find myself ever since

--- something to sing on his solo-crayola moments. with scenes of talakera ruth and emote-na-emote nelson ganging up on him while tpp is out of coverage area.

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